Learn how to mint your own collectibles, as well as collections of collectibles.

In addition to fungible, "normal" assets, Taproot Assets supports the creation and transfer of collectible, non-fungible assets.

A digital collectible can take on any form. The collectible itself may be referenced in the form of a hash or text, or may be directly embedded in the meta data itself. When minting a collectible, you have the option to pass any kind of data via --meta_bytes, such as text, images encoded data of any form or even a binary blob. Alternatively, any file can be passed to tapd with the --meta_file_path flag.

Meta data is limited to 1MB per asset.


tapcli assets mint --type collectible --name theone --meta_bytes "One of a kind" --supply 1

tapcli assets mint finalize


Multiple collectibles can be grouped together into a collection. Each asset has its own asset ID, while the collection itself can be identified by its group key. To create such a collection, the --new_group_emission flag has to be set, and each subsequent collectible has to set the --grouped_asset flag as well as reference the first collectible by its name. Multiple collectibles can be minted in a batch.

tapcli assets mint --type collectible --name member001 --meta_bytes 546170726f6f742041737365747320436c7562204d656d62657220303031 --supply 1 --new_group_emission

tapcli assets mint --type collectible --name member002 --meta_bytes 546170726f6f742041737365747320436c7562204d656d62657220303032 --grouped_asset --supply 1 --group_anchor member001

tapcli assets mint --type collectible --name member003 --meta_bytes 546170726f6f742041737365747320436c7562204d656d62657220303033 --grouped_asset --supply 1 --group_anchor member001

tapcli assets mint finalize

At this point there is no option to "close" a batch or limit future emissions of that group.

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