Resource List

This section houses example code for those looking to build on lnd. Please let us know if something is missing!


  • Boltwall - paywall and authentication using LSATs built with Node.js and Typescript

  • Lightning Faucet - opens a payment channel with the target user

  • Ride the Lightning - node management via Node.js

  • Shockwallet - decentralized social network enabled by GUN db and lnd

  • Sphinx Relay - e2e encrypted group chat enabled by a Node.js wrapper around lnd

  • TLV shop - webshop with no browser, shopping cart, checkout page, nor credit card required

  • Thunderhub - node management via a NextJS server handling a backend Graphql server and frontend React App

  • LNBig Server - lnbig autopilot and rebalancing engine

Developer Libraries & Tools

  • Balance of Satoshis - command line tool for working with lnd balances

  • Chantools - helper functions that can be used to rescue funds locked in lnd

  • ln-service - Node.js REST interface to lnd

  • LNbits - simple Python server that provides an account system, extension framework, and more on top of lnd

  • lndhub - wrapper for lnd that provides separate accounts for users sharing a node

  • lsat-js - a javascript library for working with LSATs

  • Polar - one-click Bitcoin Lightning networks for local app development and testing

  • WebLN - a library for secure communication between Lightning apps and user nodes

  • Dazaar - A library to sell data over a P2P network.

  • rebalance-lnd Python script for circular rebalancing in LND


  • 1ML - network organized by largest capacity, highest availability, etc.

  • ACINQ - visualization of geographic distribution, with nodes searchable by alias

  • lngraph - personal private Lightning Network explorer using Neo4j Browser

  • VR Explorer - the Lightning Network... in VR!


  • Blixt Wallet - Bitcoin Lightning Wallet with focus on usability and user experience

  • BlueWallet - mobile and desktop client, custodial, available on Android and iOS

  • Breez - mobile client and hub, available on Android and iOS

  • Joule - browser extension, available on Brave, Chrome, and Firefox

  • Muun - mobile client, non-custodial 2-of-2 multisig wallet, available on Android and iOS

  • Wallet of Satoshi - mobile client, custodial, available on Android and iOS

  • Zap - mobile client focused on UX and ease of use, available on iOS

  • Zeus - mobile client for node operators, available on Android and iOS

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