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This section houses example code for those looking to build on lnd. Please let us know if something is missing!

Lightning Nodes

    ​LND - developed in Go by Lightning Labs
    ​c-Lightning - developed in C by Blockstream
    ​eclair - developed in Scala by ACINQ
    ​Electrum - developed in Python by Thomas Voegtlin
    ​Rust Lightning - developed in Rust
    ​Ptarmigan - developed in C++ by Nayuta Core


Non-custodial wallets

Custodial wallets

Lightning node interfaces

    ​Joule (Github) - available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Brave
    ​Zap (Github) - available in Google Play, for OSX, Linux, Windows and iOS
    ​Zeus - available in Google Play, F-Droid and the Apple AppStore
    ​Ride the Lightning - runs on your personal computer, accessible through your browser


    ​1ML - Lightning network and node statistics
    ​ACINQ - Geographical distribution of Lightning nodes
    ​Amboss - Detailed information on channels and fee rates
    ​Cheese Robot - Telegram bot with Lightning Network explorer capabilities
    ​Lightning Terminal - Evaluating channels and peers
    ​lngraph - Personal Lightning Network explorer using Neo4j Browser
    ​LNnodeinsight - Analytics from the perspective of your own node
    ​VR Explorer - the Lightning Network... in VR!


    ​Boltwall - paywall and authentication using LSATs built with Node.js and Typescript
    ​Lightning Faucet - opens a payment channel with the target user
    ​Lightning Terminal - a browser-based interface for managing channel liquidity
    ​LNBig Server - lnbig autopilot and rebalancing engine​
    ​Ride the Lightning - node management via Node.js
    ​Shockwallet - decentralized social network enabled by GUN db and lnd
    ​Sphinx Relay - e2e encrypted group chat enabled by a Node.js wrapper around lnd
    ​Thunderhub - node management via a NextJS server handling a backend Graphql server and frontend React App
    ​TLV shop - webshop with no browser, shopping cart, checkout page, nor credit card required

Software bundles that include Lightning

Developer Libraries & Tools

    ​Balance of Satoshis - Command line tool for working with lnd balances
    ​Chantools - Helper functions that can be used to rescue funds locked in lnd
    ​ln-service - Node.js REST interface to lnd
    ​LNbits - Simple Python server that provides an account system, extension framework, and more on top of lnd
    ​lndhub - Wrapper for lnd that provides separate accounts for users sharing a node
    ​lsat-js - A javascript library for working with LSATs
    ​Polar - One-click Bitcoin Lightning networks for local app development and testing
    ​WebLN - A library for secure communication between Lightning apps and user nodes
    ​Dazaar - A library to sell data over a P2P network.
    ​rebalance-lnd Python script for circular rebalancing in LND
    ​Faraday - A suite of tools built to help node operators and businesses run lnd, the leading implementation of the Lightning Network

Wikis, Guides & Resources

Payment processors

Exchanges & Brokerages

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