Command Line Interface

litd can be accessed using the litcli, lncli, pool, loop and frcli command line interfaces (CLI).

Litd comes with a command line interface litcli. This interface is primarily used to generate new sessions for Lightning Node Connect (LNC) and interact with LND Accounts. These tools can be used to connect remotely to your node, e.g. to Lightning Terminal or mobile wallets.

In addition, litd optionally bundles LND, Pool, Loop and Faraday with their command line interfaces. When compiling litd, by default, it doesn’t make lncli, pool, loop and frcli, as these might already be on your system. To specifically compile them, run make go-install-cli and refer to our installation guide.

These command line interfaces by default point at their standalone clients, so when using litd in integrated mode the arguments have to be slightly adjusted to allow proper communication amongst the clients.

Lightning Terminal

In remote mode, litd, loopd, poold, faraday and tapd are run as part of the same binary by default, although each daemon may be run separately, or remote.


litcli sessions add --label="My LNC" --type admin

By default, a pairing phrase created with litcli is valid for 3 months and is set to "readonly", meaning invoices cannot be paid or created and channels cannot be opened. You may extend this with the --expiry <seconds> and --type flags.

Integrated mode

In integrated mode, all binaries including LND are run as one. All of these services are exposed both via port 8443 and 10009, by default the TLS certificate can be found in ~/.lit/tls.cert

In some cases this certificate path has to be specified for the connection to succeed.


loop --tlscertpath ~/.lit/tls.cert --rpcserver=localhost:8443 terms in

Learn more: The Loop CLI


pool --tlscertpath ~/.lit/tls.cert --rpcserver=localhost:8443 accounts list


frcli --tlscertpath ~/.lit/tls.cert --rpcserver=localhost:8443 insights

Learn more: The Faraday CLI


tapcli --tlscertpath ~/.lit/tls.cert --rpcserver=localhost:8443 --network=mainnet accounts list


lncli getinfo

In integrated mode, LND is available through the same port as when run as a standalone process. The TLS certificate is stored in its expected location as well, hence no modification to this cli call are necessary.

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