Connect to Terminal
Run litd either in integrated mode or on a separate machine.
If you are running a software bundle such as Umbrel, litd might already be running on your machine. Navigate to Lightning Terminal to access it.

Integrated mode

  1. 1.
    To run litd, you will need to specify a password of your own, ideally using a password manager
    litd --uipassword=dontusethisyouwillgethacked
    If your litd binary could not be found, you may need to specify its location, such as:
    ~/go/bin/litd --uipassword=dontusethisyouwillgethacked
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    You can navigate to in your browser on the same machine to open Lightning Terminal. If you are running litd on another machine, you may access it from there or continue with the CLI option below
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    Next, click on the Lightning Node Connect link in the side navigation
Finally, we will navigate to and enter our pairing phrase after clicking on ‘Connect my Node’

Running litd together with lnd on a remote machine?

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    You might want to run litd continuously on the same machine as lnd, and manage it through Terminal remotely. In this case, you can use litcli to generate the connection phrase in the terminal directly. We start litd regularly
    litd --uipassword=dontusethisyouwillgethacked
  2. 2.
    You can now run litcli --lndtlscertpath ~/.lit/tls.cert sessions add --label="default" to generate a new session and obtain the pairing phrase.

Connect to Lightning Terminal

Navigate to and click on 'Connect your Node.'
You will be asked for your 10-word pairing phrase. Enter it and confirm.
You need to choose a secure and unique password. We recommend to use a password manager.
You're now connected to Lightning Terminal! Read more about Recommended Channels, Health Checks, and how to open channels to the Lightning Network.