In the event that you may run into issues with Lightning Terminal or one of its bundled products, you may refer to this page.

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Unable to connect

In case you are unable to connect to your node, especially after your browser having been idle for a while or recently having been restarted, you may:

  • Attempt to reload the page asking for your password

  • Click on “use a pairing phrase,” then reload the page and attempt again

  • Generate a new pairing phrase, delete the browser cache, reload the page and connect again

  • Delete the session.db in ~/.lit/mainnet, restart litd and generate a new pairing phrase

  • Delete the admin.macaroon in ~/.lnd/data/chain/bitcoin/mainnet/ and restart LND and litd

Pool account is not synced

In case you find yourself unable to connect to Pool due to a synchronization error, you may:

  • Shut down litd with kill -s INT $(pidof litd)

  • Remove or rename your pool.db

  • Start litd

  • Run the Pool account recovery as below (NOTE that this will cancel any active orders. After recovering the account, the orders can be re-created manually).

You can generally find your pool.db file in ~/.pool/mainnet

In Umbrel: ~/.pool/mainnet/

In BTCPay Server: /var/lib/docker/volumes/generated_lnd_lit_1/_data or /root/.pool/mainnet

Pool account recovery

In case Lightning Terminal has been improperly deleted or is otherwise corrupted, you may recover your funds using pool accounts recover.

Depending on your installation, you may need to call this command with additional arguments:

pool --tlscertpath ~/.lit/tls.cert --rpcserver=localhost:8443 accounts recover

Umbrel: Find the docker process (lightning-terminal) with docker ps Open the pool container with docker exec -it 340a5b0839f1 /bin/bash Recover the account: pool --rpcserver=localhost:8443 --tlscertpath=/.lit/tls.cert --macaroonpath=/.pool/mainnet/pool.macaroon accounts recover

BTCPay: cd btcpayserver-docker

pool --rpcserver=localhost:8443 --macaroonpath /root/.pool/mainnet/pool.macaroon --tlscertpath /root/.lit/tls.cert accounts recover

Read more about Pool Accounts Recovery

Pool is unable to resume account

[ERR] LITD: Could not start subservers: unable to start account manager: unable to resume account X: unable to subscribe for account updates: checking pending batch failed: error removing pending batch artifacts: error abandoning channels from previous pending batch: error locating channel outpoint: no channel output found in batch tx for matched order Y

If you are encountering the error above you will have to rename your pool.db file and recover your account. In Umbrel you may follow these instructions:

ssh umbrel@umbrel.local cd ~/umbrel ./scripts/app stop lightning-terminal cd /umbrel/app-data/lightning-terminal/data/.pool/mainnet mv pool.db pool.db.bak cd /umbrel ./scripts/app start lightning-terminal docker exec -it lightning-terminal_web_1 bash pool --rpcserver=localhost:8443 --tlscertpath=/.lit/tls.cert --macaroonpath=/.pool/mainnet/pool.macaroon accounts recover

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