Welcome to the Builder's Guide to the LND Galaxy!

This repository is designed as a home for those looking to build on lnd. We hope it provides everything you need to get started out of the box, and that if something is missing you'll let us know!

Start here if the terms "payment channel" and "hash time-locked contract" are foreign to you.

Check this out if you're a web developer looking to integrate Lightning into your application.

Run your own node, join the Lightning Pool, and take advantage of tools like Loop and Faraday.

Finally, we have you covered if you're running a professional service and want to leverage best practices when it comes to APIs, channel backups, key management, et al.

If you're looking for inspiration, we've included a sampling of community projects for you to look to. We hope you add whatever you build to this page!

Additional external resources include our Developer Slack, Github organization, and API documentation for lnd, loop, and pool.